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D Block London

Do black people set the trends or do they follow others?

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Over the past few years a lotta young black people been jumping on the Louie Vuitton, Gucci & Prada wave but these brands have been worn by rich white people from day one not saying they are exclusivley for white people but they are European brands that have always been mostly purchased by wealthy white people and blacks jumped on the wave wether it be through Hip-Hop or whatever influenced them

Hennessey is associated with urban culture but Hennesey is made in France and is actually an expensive drink that was first popular with rich white people way before Hip-Hop music was around

Jamaicans are most associated with being the most known weed smokers but they definitley were not the first to smoke weed infact Jamaicans were not even the first to wear Dreads lol

Basketball is played by majority of black people professionally but it was invented by a white guy from Boston

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