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Fail of the Day

Captain Planet

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somehow lost some gwala

drew out £150 put it in my back pocket. got tube home. lookin through my jeans n jacket no gwala. :angry:


i would cry

OMG so would i, but i don't understand why you men always put your cash/wallet in your back pocket, asking for trouble 2bh


I haven't failed at all today for once :)

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aint really had a fail today or yesterday but had one on saturday night...

ordered a takeaway and the guy says half n hour for delivary. phones up after half an hour to say they cant get a cab at the moment cos of the cabs being all busy or unable to get to them due to the mad rush im wembley (event day), so he says the driver will come and ill get my food within another 20-30 minutes. i call up after half n hour and he is sayin the same crap, i tell him to f*ck off and cancel the order.

ended up eating frozen pizza insted. on the positive side that pizza was SICK.

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goin into to work and finding out im on holiday.

to compound it i thought it was next week and had a short holiday planned

monumental fail. i can still go on holiday but its a last minute ting now n im gonna end up missing 1st leg v barca

on the upside i found that gwala

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