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"Dzeko for 25m? Nah on to the next one for 250k"

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Arsenal’s diverse scouting network has seen the Gunners lead the way in finding the right players for the club at all levels. Now, master of the network, Steve Rowley, has instructed one of his most trusted scouts to be re-deployed. The Balkans – and in particular Bosnia – is the new destination for the long serving Bobby Bennet, with the rise of striker Edin Džeko leading the head of scouting to believe it may be a future talent hot spot.Scandinavia based Bennet has been Rowley’s key man over recent years, with missions in Croatia, Switzerland and Norway all leading to the successful acquisition of players. He has been making checks on the Under 17 squads of a selection of Balkans based countries will the view to keeping tabs on the most exciting prospects at that level. Speaking to Bosnian TV in the week, Bennet revealed more about his trip and the method’s Arsenal use to sign players. “How many times do we scout players? in case of Cesc Fabregas, one or two games. But the majority of players, it’s two, three matches, then Mr Rowley follows them for two or three matches. It’s a long process. We try to discover what kind of personality the players have, whether it corresponds to our club’s ethic. It’s not all about football. It can be a long process, but if a player is good, we see this more or less immediately. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to know a player’s history.”The Gunners first-team coach Boro Primorac is a native Bosnian and is still extremely respected within his home land. Bobby spoke of how the influence of working under Primorac is a big plus, while also talking about Džeko’s links with Arsenal. “Boro is very important to Arsenal, he works very closely with the manager. To be at Arsenal for so many years, there is no doubt that he is a great coach.” “Edin is a very good player. We all like him (at Arsenal), but there is much talk about big money, and we will not compete with large sums. He is a fantastic player, but too expensive for Arsenal.”With the signing of Swiss-Bosnian Sead Hajrovic and the chase for Miralem Pjanić two seasons ago, it seems all but certain that Bennet’s influence should lead to Arsène Wenger chasing more Balkan’s based talents in the future.

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