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Blood and Oil, BBC2/iPlayer, NOW and Tuesday

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Blood and Oil, BBC2/iPlayer, NOW and Tuesday


Four oil workers are kidnapped from an oil installation in a remote part of the Niger Delta, Nigeria. One of them is Mark Unwin. Back in the UK, his wife Claire is assured by his employers Krielson International that his speedy release is just a formality. Mend, the militant group responsible, depend on the ransoms to finance their operation - so the workers are always returned alive and in good health. Nonetheless, Claire travels to Nigeria - against the advice of the Foreign Office.

Krielson PR exec Alice Omuka is given the task of managing Claire until her husband is returned. When a ransom is agreed and details for the hostage handover arranged, Alice suggests that Claire could come along. Some shots of the joyful reunion between Mark and Claire would be great PR, she argues - and Krielson agree. But after journeying deep into the creeks to the wellhead at the handover point, they are greeted by the most gruesome and macabre sight imaginable - the bodies of Mark and his co-workers, fly-blown and oil-spattered, hanging from the wellhead.



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