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Roller skating

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Went to one in London Bridge on Friday night.

Enjoyed myself

Whilst i would say that the one in Vauxhall is more like a rave, this one is slightly more for skaters.

They still played relevant and up to date music (rnb, hip hop, bashment, funky, grime)

They have 3 skating ''arenas'' / rooms, and in one of them they teach you how to skate so beginners / those with low confidence can learn

They played games aswell.

One game where you have a bib tucked into your waist and you have to try and drag/capture other skater's bibs from then. When your's is captured your out. last man skating wins.

Overall, a different skating experience, felt less like people were watching face.


IMo there should be a having fun thread for outdoor events and things to do in groups / thing you like doing with your bredrins etc. Can help when people are stuck for ideas of that and where to do things. inspired by reading the Go karting thread.

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So was this thread just to let us know you had been outside?

Clicked the button before i finished writing the post.


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Guest Intervention

If they played some old school disco/motown/funk

Ala Sister Sledge, Chic etc

I'd be more inclined to go

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