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Things your parents do/did because/when they were fresh...

Captain Planet

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Not my parents but I remember one time at church a member was doing a pa (basically) of a song from his new album, he then breaks out into some corny rap verse, all I hear from Dami's (Muffinman to some of you, r.i.p.) aunt is

"Damilola so this is the kind of music you like oh"

was creasing


i went to that church, damis one

way back when uncle taking us to bare black churches. wasteman

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When I was a baby, my mum use to dress me pink clothes. When she was fresh she didn't really know about the pink for girls, blue for boys and baby clothes always came in pink or blue. My mum picked the one she thought looked best and that was always pink, so everyone thought I was a baby girl dressed in pink.

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The letter 'H' has to be put in front of all words that begin with a vowel...

So Enfield will become 'Henfield'

And words that begin with a 'H' gets the letter removed.

So help becomes 'elp'.


They wouldnt even pronouce the 'd' on the end so Enfield will sound like 'Hen-feel'.

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