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The Somalian

made me smile

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who saw these twins on the news proper cute the op went well

needed to make a positive topic to much negativity more time around us


Conjoined twins who were born in London have been successfully separated in a complex 14-hour operation.

Four-month-old Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf, who were conjoined at the chest, underwent surgery at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Consultant paediatric surgeon Edward Kiely said: "The twins are in intensive care and are sedated but stable. We are pleased with how the operation went."

The boys came from their home in the Irish Republic for the operation.

'Courage and strength'

Their parents, Angie and Azzedine Benhaffaf, from east Cork, said: "The sun is shining today for our two little fighters, who have won the battle of their lives.

"Words cannot express the relief and love we feel for our two boys. We thank God, we thank the surgeons and the gifted team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and we thank from the bottom of our hearts the Irish nation and everyone who prayed for our beloved twins.

"We are so proud of the courage and strength that Hassan and Hussein have shown, and they both have made the world a much better place with them in it."

The operation involved about 20 medical staff, including four surgeons and four anaesthetists, working in shifts.

The twins, born at University College London Hospital in December, did not share any major organs despite being joined at the chest.

The family, including daughters Malika, four, and Iman, two, moved to London for the operation and are expected to remain for up to four months while the twins recover.

A special fund was set up in Ireland to help the family cover their medical costs.

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Guest Intervention
Angie and Azzedine Benhaffaf


Col. Hap Hapablap!

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Tax payers money wasted so we can have another Hussein and Hassan in this country lord help us.


That is good news

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made me smile when i heard it tbh

soon as i heard conjoined twins i thought they were gna say they died

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