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Em Dott


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Toneeta Beckford, 24, was yesterday found guilty of harassment after sending Mr Wilding ‘vile and grotesque’ abuse over Facebook and Twitter, threatening she would ‘see him on Judgment Day’.

She bombarded Mr Wilding – a former police officer – with four- letter obscenities through e-mails and in comments on his website, saying she hoped he ‘broke his legs’ while

taking part in Strictly Come Dancing.

Beckford, from Birmingham, also sent extremist religious rants to 32-year-old Mr Wilding, as well as lewd pictures of herself posing in her underwear.

‘Don’t f*** with me Rav – I will see you right on Judgment Day,’ read one message.

Another said: ‘Who the f*** do you think you are? It’s not your world, it’s Allah’s... you will see me go to Paradise and I will see you go to Hell.’

Beckford identifies as a Christian on her Facebook profile.

Mr Wilding told the court in Warley, West Midlands: ‘The messages made me feel threatened because of the religious extremist views.’

The Kent-based presenter even received abuse after police arrested Beckford and beefed up his security – amid fears he may have been attacked like Dando, murdered outside her home in 1999.

Beckford was bailed – subject to a restraining order – and will be sentenced later this month.

Below is the picture she took outside of courts...


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Guest Intervention

laughed out loud at the strictly come dancing part

and then at the 'it belongs to allah' ........'she indentifies herself as a christian'

Lol at the loood pics though then threatening man

So was there one page of death threats

then a pic of her cooch?

Or does she have H.I.V. and the cooch is the death threat?

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