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Norwich Richest Club in the World

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Manchester United is world's richest club says Forbes

Manchester United players celebrate a goal

Money can't buy you love, but has helped United's on-field success

Manchester United is still the most valuable football club in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

The Premier League title holders, who came second in a list compiled by Deloitte in February, again topped the table ahead of Real Madrid.

Forbes values United at £1.19bn($1.84bn), Real at £859m ($1.32bn), and Arsenal, in third, at £767m ($1,181m).

It uses data on income streams such as broadcast rights, sponsorship and sales of tickets and merchandise.

Barcelona is fourth in the 20-team list which includes six clubs from the Premier League plus Newcastle United who have spent this season playing in the Championship.

Liverpool, Chelsea and AC Milan all made the top 10, but the trio's value had each fallen by 19% in the 2008/09 season according to the Forbes calculations.

Juventus and Olympic Marseille had the two biggest increases in value - each gaining 9% on the previous year.

Increasing sponsorship and media revenue meant "the news continues to be good for investors" said Michael Ozanian, national editor at Forbes.

However the average worth of the clubs in the list fell 8.5%.


wicked article in world soccer magazine saying how whats happened to united is normal in business at a much higher level so whats happening to united is a minor

glaziers are there for a big sell on fee..... so seeing the club go to sh*t is not in there interest because it doesn't benefit them at all

the only thing united have to be worried about is platini who has know knowledge of business or politics

slash before someone comes in crying im not pro glazier (will be if they release a green and gold kit coz its so cuntish you have to rate them) but i dont believe the hype about us being in the shitter and nor do i trust the intentions of the red knights

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Lol beat me to it.


The list

1.Manchester United

2.Real Madrid



5.Bayern Munich


7.AC Milan



10.Inter Milan

11.Schalke 04

12.Tottenham Hotspur

13.Olympique Lyonnais

14.Hamburg SV

15.AS Roma

16.Werder Bremen

17.Olympique Marseille

18.Borussia Dortmund

19.Manchester City

20.Newcastle United

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Real Madrid have sold over a million Cristiano Ronaldo shirts - report

14 Apr 2010 16:57:00

Real Madrid have already recouped more than €100 million in Cristiano Ronaldo's first season just through shirt sales having sold over one million CR9 shirts just in the city of Madrid, reports Portuguese publication A Bola.

The offical Real Madrid store in the Bernabeu and the small outfit in the Plaza del Sol are often flooded by thousands of fans daily, keen to grab some Ronaldo merchandise.

Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt has been the top seller and, if the figures are accurate, Los Blancos will have already covered Ronaldo's world record transfer fee of €94m through shirt sales alone - and that is just in the first year of his contract.

Madrid have seen names like Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and David Beckham printed on their shirts, but according to Madrid officials, Cristiano Ronaldo's name is like nothing they have ever seen before in terms of sale revenues.

The report claims the Madrid management have estimated that they have sold over 1.2 million shirts solely in the Spanish capital and multiplying that figure by the going rate for a shirt of €85, Madrid would be looking at earnings of over €100m.[/Quote]


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Lol @ thinking he's not getting like 50% of that

but still that's madness. And most from Madrid? So say half the stadium at least is wearing a cr9 shirt.

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