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Joker Vs. Three 6 Mafia "Stay Fly in Purple City" (Blend)

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Easy all, got a new blend for you...

This was originally done as a mashup for my BBC 1Xtra Guest Mix for Mistajam back in February. I figured that it worked so well, I though I'd make it into a proper blend. I've called it a "quick hitter" as it's only the first verse and chorus; the reason being that the rest of the acapella doesn't fit so well with the whole tune. Also, like myself, most DJs like to mix quickly, so it's always nice to have something short and sweet with a clean intro and outro.

Fully tagged, encoded at 320kbps with 32 bar intro...

Download Link: http://usershare.net/z1xek2tyu39q

Feedback is welcomed...

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