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Mr Skeng and polow raid westfield and are set for life

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A gang of robbers have stolen tens of thousands of pounds worth of valuables from a shopping centre in west London.Skip related content


1896702903-raiders-smash-grab-jewels-london-mall.jpg?x=310&y=231&q=75&wc=321&hc=240&xc=40&yc=1&sig=2CwRPYXtgg9sUGWGL4yRww--#310,231Raiders Smash And Grab Jewels At London MallEnlarge photoThe thieves used sledgehammers to break into Westfield mall in the early hours of the morning.

An alarm alerted security to the gang but the raiders sped off in several cars.

It is the first time the complex, which is Europe's largest urban mall, has been burgled in this way.

The attack on De Beers and Tiffany & Co appears to be the latest in a series of smash-and-grab raids on jewellers and luxury shops in London.

Valuables worth more than £4m have been snatched from stores including Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier and Watches of Switzerland.

In a foray at the Mozafarian store in Knightsbridge last August, gems worth over £1m were stolen in less than a minute.

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Guest Esquilax

Why is it I can only imagine east end gangster types ever doing this sort of thing? Or dodgy Liverpudlians like Jean Charlez de Chalkesez

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