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Special 1 TV returns for the World Cup on BBC3 - June 11th 10:30pm

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The Special 1 is returning to England for the World Cup.



The BBC today confirmed today that Jose, aka The Special 1, will be hosting his new show, ‘Special 1 TV’ as part of BBC3’s World Cup coverage.

‘Special 1 TV’ is a topical spoof phone-in show hosted by puppet versions of Jose and co-hosted by Wayne Rooney and Sven Goran Eriksson. The show also features regular calls from managers like Rafa, Arsene ‘The Voyeur’ Wenger, and Mr. Alex (Ferguson). Set against the backdrop of the upcoming World Cup, players like Didier, Stevie G. and Beckham will contribute each week, as well as personalities from beyond the world of soccer like Nelson Mandela and a certain ‘Barack’ in Washington.

The comedy puppet series, originally created by Irish writer and impressionist Mario Rosenstock and producer, director and puppeteer Damian Farrell began on Setanta Sports in 2007.  However, with Setanta’s demise, Jose put a transfer request in and BBC3 have since snapped him up.

The topicality of the show is the real hook, with Jose and his rubbery cohorts regularly taking on the traditional media with its version of footballs breaking headlines.

Mario Rosenstock says, ‘The idea of Jose, Sven, Wayne and Fabio as puppets is a mouth-watering prospect. With the puppets you have free range to poke fun and heighten the characteristics that already exist. Having written and performed many of these characters for over 10 years on the radio for the ‘Gift Grub’ comedy slot on Today FM’s breakfast show, it’s great to transform the same characters into puppets which also give us the license to veer towards the surreal.’



‘Special 1 TV’ episodes will be produced by production company Caboom for BBC3 and BBC online ahead of each of the England games, capturing the mood, atmosphere and anticipation from Jose’s South African studio in the lead up to what’s undoubtedly going to be one of the most exciting World Cup tournaments of recent years. With Wayne and Sven embedded in the tournament, Jose will be doing what he does best - shouting in his opinion from the outside.

Damian Farrell from Caboom says that ‘S1TV has proven to be a very unique and well-loved TV and online series, with its humour, topicality and fan interaction at the heart of its success. We are delighted to be working with the BBC on a World Cup version and very excited in particular with the opportunities presented to us in working with BBC online to further build on the social media and online potential of content like this.’

The show will also feature a puppet version of England manager Fabio Capello whose approach and attitude to the beautiful game will undoubtedly stand in complete contrast to puppet Sven’s tactics of hanging out in South Africa for the month, on an all expenses paid trip courtesy of the Ivory Coast.

‘Special 1 TV’ begins on BBC3 on June 11th with daily episodes available on BBC online during the World Cup.

Follow 'Special 1 TV' on www.twitter.com/special1tv

And follow @caboomtweet on twitter for more details.


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