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But I'm Back Reincarnated....

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For those who like to do their holiday shopping early (and whose gift lists include people with a penchant for gangsta rap), Death Row Records has good news: The iconic hip-hop record label is taking a break from its ongoing legal drama to put out a collection of previously unreleased songs from none other than Tupac Shakur in time for the holidays.

Death Row president John Payne told Vibe magazine that the album won’t tweak the songs that the late rapper (who was gunned down in late 1996) recorded around the time of the hit album All Eyez On Me, released just months before his death.

“This is unreleased 2Pac…no remastering or remixing,” Payne said. “I believe that these songs could have been 2Pac’s next record if he were still alive.”

The news comes amid questions about the future of the label, which was picked up out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2009 by Canadian entertainment WIDEawake Entertainment Group Inc. Since then, legal battles between the parties involved in the deal have slightly dashed hip-hop fans’ hopes of finally getting to hear the treasure trove of unreleased songs from Death Row artists.

But a few lawsuits couldn’t keep Death Row down for too long. In addition to the planned Tupac album, the label has a few more releases in the pipeline, including an unreleased debut from Sam Sneed, a protégé of famed Death Row star Dr. Dre.

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