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Mame Biram Diouf

UK Rap Ride Out Compilation ?

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What songs would you put on there?

R.A - Real Artillery

Giggs, Tboost - Scars On My Heart

Giggs, Tboost - On him tonight

Kapo, Kii, Boost, - Freestyle (Who said that)

Tboost - Guns out murder sh*t

Giggs, Boost - scars on my heart

Giggs, Tboost - Toasted Up

Giggs, Tboost - Suck your mum

Giggs, Tboost - If you aint gonna ride

Add yours from margs, youngster, teflon, kkoke, fix, kii, buck, kyze, trips, dvs, pdc, rsgs, gmoney, krept, konan etc....

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Maybe because its not a complete list which is why there is only 10 or so tracks and I said to add yours,

Why am I not seeing any songs in your post?


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