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Bruno Di Gradi

Over The Limit

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my box stil has free box office so i havent been watching wrestling recently but seeing as it was on i thought i would watchthis has to be the shittest event so far in the WWE/WWF franchisefirst 2 matches were finished in the first 30 minuteswomans match *who cares*Jack Swagger Vs Big Show... Jack swagger hit big show with the belt and got himself DQ'd and retainedOrton Vs Edge... orton was setting up to do the RKO and when he punched the ring f*cked up his whole arm somehow... had to cut it short so orton went out the ring.. edge went to spear.. he moved out the way and the match finished a double count outCena Vs Batista... (I quit match) they made batista quit when cena was about to give him the "attitude adjustment" off of a car...so f*ckin lamelol @ virgil being with Ted Dibiase Jr ..smh

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