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Oi Levy you Jew, where my new contract...

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I am not being presumptuous turning down Liverpool, because I haven't been offered the job and haven't spoken to anyone about it.

There is no need, as I have one year left on my contract at Tottenham and I am not thinking about anything other than being at White Hart Lane next season. I can tell you that I have not been offered a new contract, but that doesn't mean I am looking to move on - far from it.

I am loyal to Spurs, I want to stay at Spurs and I have a contract with Spurs, and I'd be happy to sign a new contract at Spurs if I was offered one, but in any case I have one year on my contract.

Take it Spurs was hoping to wait and see how HMRC deal with 'Arry.

Maybe Redknapp even threw his own name into the Liverpool mix to get a new deal...

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Harry >>>

No one has contacted him but he's going on like he's their number one target. The last part of the quotes sums up Harry, anything for a bit of cash. Would be jokes if pool would try and break the bank to try get him though :lol:

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