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Guest Dj Locksmith

Dj Locksmith (Rudimental)

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Guest Dj Locksmith


The Rudimental show is presented by DJ Locksmith and Darka. Rudimental Records formed since we were kids,just didnt know we were Rudimental. Rudimental is a collective of 4 producers and DJ's from the heart of East London. When it comes to Rudimental there are no limitations, as we feel variety is the spice of life. Yeah! we deal with soulful funky house and Old skool Garage, however there is no end to our talents and versatility. Our focus is you the raver, as we feel your input is invaluable. Keep updated as we could be coming to a place near you. You can catch the Rudimental show on http://vulive.co.uk/content/author/rudimentalrecords/ every Monday 8-10pm.

Remember to leave a comment.

For more info contact Rudimental on the following:

Mob: 07878990750

E-Mail: info@rudimtnal.co.uk


Facebook search: Dj-locksmith@hotmail.co.uk



www.Rudimental.co.uk ….coming soon


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didnt know fans go the extra mile like that, and do voluntary promotion on sites, ur good for that still



pos to them tho, can only see them getting bigger


this is a banger  

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