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Dubstep Mixes & Mixtapes

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Anyone have any good new stuff, been slippin' recently.

Promo, studio, or radio mixes?


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kiss the chosen ones: caspa, benga, mala and jakes http://viteker.ru/dub/Carl%20Cox-Caspa,%20Benga,%20Mala,%20Jakes%20%282010-02-05%20kiss.fm%29.mp3 - i highly recomend this if u havent checked dubstep in a while

for the commericial sh*t:

plastician - sound that speaks volumes http://therawjuice.com/plastician-sound-that-speaks-volumes

and the deeper side:

distance - train wreck mix for rbma radio http://www.mediafire.com/?zzrkzmymmxz

anti social entertainment live in nottingham http://soundcloud.com/live-at-mimm/mimm-presents-anti-social-ent-live-the-bodega-nottingham-5-6-10

should get u back on track

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Skream & Benga w/ Sgt Pokes and Katy B LIVE performing ‘Katy On A Mission’ --- right click save as.

Distance - 10-06-10

N-Type b2b LD b2b Walsh - 08-06-10

Headhunter - Capital Bass Mix



1. Jakes - 3k Lane 1999

2. Jakes - Boom Boom Bass

3. Jakes - Dope Fiend Lean

4. Jakes - Loved Up

5. Jakes - Please Stand By

6. Jakes - Rock Tha Bells VIP

7. Lost – Ironhide

8. Giant - Drumstick VIP

9. Jakes - Break It Down

10. Jakes - War Face

11. Jakes - Code Zebra

12. Minus – Nails

13. Eddie K - Shivers VIP

14. Jakes - Gold Chain

15. Komonazmuk - You Fo

16. Mensah - Pulse 80's

17. Tek-One - Broken String

18. Jakes - Justice VIP

19. Lost - Slaughtered

20. Jakes - Custard Cream VIP

21. Jakes - Gate Nine VIP

22. Jakes - Rhythm VIP

23. Giant – Swoosh

24. Jakes - In Tha Place To Be VIP

25. Eddie K - Who's The Hardest VIP

26. Jakes – Killer

27. Jakes - Fire Up

28. Chasing Shadows - Dream On

29. Chasing Shadows – Amirah

30. Jakes - Lasers For Eyes

31. Jakes – Scanners

32. Jakes - Warface 2010

Hench Mixtape Vol.1 (RS)

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OHOI! presents Antisocial Enterainment in Copenhagen (15 August 2009)


I know its not the newest, but its 4 hours of sickness.

Ang tite Medic :Y:

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