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Mr. Gayle

Skypark in Singapore

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Any of you lot read the Metro today ?

This looks so sick

http://e-edition.metro.co.uk/2010/06/25/ - Go to page two


Ssangyong Engineering & Construction, one of the major builders in Korea, has completed the Marina Bay Sands Hotel that is expected to become a landmark building in Singapore.

The Seoul-based company said Wednesday that it has recently wrapped up the two-year construction work on the luxury hotel composed of three buildings whose height reaches 200 meters.

Ssangyong and U.S.-headquartered hotel and casino giant Sands Group, which had ordered the construction, held an opening ceremony in Singapore on the day with their bosses participating.

The eastern building stands at an angle of 52 degrees. In comparison, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is tilted at an angle of 5.5 degrees. The format has been recognized as a new technology by Korea's Ministry of Land, Transport and Marine Affairs.

The three buildings, of which rooms total 2,561, share the same roof on which Ssangyong made a sky park with three swimming pools, an observation deck, a spa, restaurants and gardens.

``Even globally renowned constructors claimed that this hotel is impossible to build, I mean in its unique structure and format. But we did it to silence the naysayers,'' a Ssangyong official said.

``Experts projected that the construction would take around four years. However, we successfully finished the works in a mere 27 months to show off our technological edge across the world.''

Ssangyong won the order worth $686 million in September, 2007, which is the single-largest overseas construction order garnered by Korean builders.

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