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The Somalian

If west indian women are such good mothers how comes so many black man go jail

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I feel sick to my stomach Jane Moore colum in the sun is nothing but a bunch of bollocks

she started questioning dian abott appearnace about sending her son to a p[rivate school instead of a state school diane said she would send her son to a good school to avoid him joining gangs like ne good west indian mother

now these cunts have jumped on her saying she is being racist to whites

I know where she is coming from but she choose her words wrong

now in todays natinal paper

Jane moore has blatently dissed every black women by saying if every black women was a good mum how comes allot of black man end up in jail. Without taking social situations in to context if she said how many black people end up in care she would have a case (if there was ever a time a load of black youths always ended up in care)

so I wil say bun her read the colum e mail her and cuss her racist clart

I bet mixed race guys with white mums have the same stats as black guys but this c*nt is hyping

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I feel sick to my stomach Jane Moore colum in the sun

a woman voicing her opinion in a shitty newspaper

what dyou expect

not even gonna start with the generalisation

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Have u taken offence to something The Sun has said? Perish the thought.

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spreading the word and think every one should email this c*nt cussing her clart and d*ck head views

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nah it cost 20 p plus they have the quirkly stories which r good chuckle on the way to work but now I cant buy the paper went a month during the elections not buying coz of their propaganda bollocks about labour but this is the final straw for me

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Basically C/S everything everyone has said about that sh*t newspaper.

But it is disturbing the amount of people that read it and let it influence their way of thinking.That newspaper should be destroyed.

Don't buy the sun.

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nah it cost 20 p plus they have the quirkly stories which r good chuckle on the way to work


i do this also. funny sh*t sumtimes.

Never take what they write as gospel though.. not even half-truths.

Anything interesting u read in there MUST be followed up with research of your own tbh.


oh yeh, bitch.

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Yeah its from that but Diane was not being rasit but this c*nt caught on and ran with it she wa snot being offensive at all

lol at diane being my MP hackney north stand up zoop

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them radio type white mothers there who cuss their black husbands as wastemen

i know she isnt married to a black breh but theres no difference white women like jane moore and most other white women

lol@ how some of u dismiss the sun as if its the tottenham swan.


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Venom comes with agood point we all know they chat bollocks but they influence so much other people across the whole land with their bollocks

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Jane Moore didn't say this. She just expressed her agreement for it which is still no better. What happened was that in her article, she mentioned that Diane Abbott was not safe from scrutiny on the "This Week" show and went on to quote these words which were said by Andrew Neil (the presenter) directly to Diane Abbott.

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f*ck that two faced bitch Diane Abbott. Same d*ckhead who tried cuss off Nigeria in a Jamaican paper:

Think Jamaica is bad? Try Nigeria

Diane Abbott

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Jamaica Observer

As Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller takes the helm of the nation, there has been intensified debate about the state of Jamaica. And some Jamaicans are very gloomy about the current

plight of the country.

There is no doubt that Jamaica faces challenges. But I

travelled around Nigeria last week with a group of British

MPs. This West African country is potentially much richer

and more powerful than Jamaica could ever be. Yet, in

certain crucial aspects Nigeria is in an even worse position

than little Jamaica, and contemplating the Nigerian

situation might cause even the gloomiest Jamaican talk

show host to count their blessings.

Nigeria's greatest blessing has been oil; but it has also

been its greatest curse. It is the sixth biggest oil producer

in the world. Oil accounts for 95 per cent of exports by value and 80 per

cent of government revenue amounting to billions and billions of pounds.

But the discovery of oil has been an ecological disaster for the Niger Delta

(one of the most populous parts of the country) where the oil is extracted.

Shell and other Western Oil companies have, in collusion with successive

military dictatorships, raped the region. Petrol contamination of the water

table has made local water undrinkable. Farming and fishing grounds have

been ruined and gas flaring in the Delta is cited as Africa's single biggest

contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

It is symbolical of the brutally exploitative nature of the oil industry in

Nigeria that the natural gas by-product (which other oil producers like

Trinidad liquefies and markets) is simply burnt in giant flares which cause

incalculable environmental damage.

This compares with Jamaica's experience with the bauxite industry where

a more organised and genuinely patriotic civil society has been able to

insist on reasonable environmental standards and some contribution to


Unemployment and destitution in the Delta are sky high. The local people

are so desperate that the region is in a state of virtual civil war. Over

1,500 people a year are killed in Delta clashes.

Diane Abbott

In Jamaica, religion is generally a force for good. And Prime Minister

Simpson Miller has called on the churches for help in

nation building.

Nigerians are a deeply religious people with high levels

of church attendance and a host of remarkable pastors.

But religion has also been yet another cause of

instability. Religious tensions between Christians and

Muslims have caused periodic riots.

In 2003, there was serious rioting in the Muslim north

because of the staging of the Miss World Beauty

Pageant in Nigeria. In February 2006, there were

clashes between Christians and Muslims following the

publication of the Danish cartoons of the Prophet

Muhammad. Dozens died and the Anglican Primate

Peter Akinola was accused of stoking inter-religious

tensions. The rioting was the more remarkable because

most Nigerians had not actually seen the cartoons.

On this visit I asked some educated Nigerian Muslim women what they

thought of the 2003 incident in which a Nigerian woman had been

convicted of adultery and under Sharia (Muslim) law was sentenced to

death by stoning. They insisted that the procedure had not been followed

correctly. (Apparently there had only been one witness and there should

have been four.)

So I asked whether, if the procedure had been followed correctly, they

would have been in favour of the stoning. They said yes.

Whatever the educational challenges in Jamaica, you would be hard put to

find women (however illiterate) who thought stoning a woman to death

for adultery was correct.

And when it comes to corruption, Nigerians make Jamaicans, and every

other nationality in the world, look like mere amateurs. Billions of pounds

of oil money have been looted by politicians. By 1998, 70 per cent of

private wealth had been taken out of Nigeria. Under pressure from

Western donors, the government is beginning to take action against

corruption. The inspector general of Police and the ministers of education

and housing were dismissed last year.

The minister of education is currently on trial for corruption, along with six

former senators including an ex-Speaker. And a state governor was

arrested at Heathrow Airport on corruption charges. But no-one believes

that this is any more than scratching the surface. And there is a suspicion

that the government is using the corruption issue to take out its

opponents, while its own equally corrupt supporters sit tight.

Since independence in 1963, Nigeria has enjoyed only short periods of

democratic rule, but there have been 29 years of military rule under a

succession of generals. In 1999, the country returned to democracy with

OBASANJO. has many

achievements to his

credit, but is trying to

amend the constitution

so that he can serve a

third term

the election of President Obasanjo (himself a recycled general). He has

many achievements to his credit and has appointed some able technocrats

to key positions, including a brilliant woman finance minister on

secondment from the World Bank.

But electoral democracy in Nigeria is a fragile flower. Now Obasanjo is

trying to amend the constitution so that he can serve a third term; and

there are even rumours that he wants the presidency for life.

Jamaica has some problems, but people who want to dub it a 'failed state'

should look more carefully at other countries in the developing world with

far more serious social, political and economic problems.


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once again  the pashtoon shephard son of an inbred tribal chief breds an ASIA his people are alien to


Afghan women were rated the ugliest in the world, even albanian women like tulse's mum are buffer than you lot

education???? 97% of afghan women cannot read or write which includes your mum.

now that she's in ESOL level 3 at University of oxford street, ur running your gums as if 2 yrs ago when she signed on she didnt need you as interpreter

they wont cheat on their husbands cos no one wants to f*ck such ugly hairy women

since 1206 when gengis khan died, your nation and people have not contributed anything to the human race

and have remained a battle ground for other powers to teef your own resources

so allow cussing black women, when the ugliest black woman alive is still worth more in every sense than you welfare mingin cretins

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