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VenomuZ - Shedding Old Skin EP [2010]

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VenomuZ - Shedding Old Skin EP [2010]

I've decided that before putting out a new mix cd or instrumental collection it would be a good idea to give out some of my older stuff.

You'll probably have heard one or two of them but alot of them were made and kept locked away with the purpose of being vocalled. People are long and months passed without any results. So even though these are old to me, alot of them will be new to you lot. Plus I've put a few new things on there anyway.

There's 3 preview tracks on there aswell which are new and may possibly be going on to the next EP.

If you don't already know about me and you don't particularly care to listen, then this thread isn't for you.

Everyone else, enjoy! (Feedback is always appreciated)





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