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Hank Moody

man lick down ur chic with a shotty (twice) and u run outside with a "ironbar" really? and u wonder why ur dead

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Fugitive shot PC over cop lie by exBy ROBIN PERRIE

Published: Today

A KILLER is on the run after gunning down his ex, murdering her new boyfriend - and shooting a cop.

Dumped Raoul Moat, 37 went berserk when he was freed from prison after being told a lie by Samantha Stobbart, 22, that she was dating a cop. She said it in a desperate bid to keep him away from her.

Victim ... gun maniac's ex-girlfriend Sam Stobbart - and their daughter age 19 months

Last night Samantha was critically ill after Moat blasted her twice with a shotgun in Gateshead - then executed new love Chris Brown, 29.

Early yesterday Moat shot unarmed Newcastle PC David Rathband, 37, in his patrol car. He too was fighting for life.

The shotgun maniac has phoned police - to TAUNT them.

Bodybuilder Moat - who launched his bloody spree 48 hours after he was freed from jail - slammed officers for "not taking him seriously" despite a huge manhunt.

Frantic police chiefs feared the 6ft 3ins madman was bent on claiming more victims yesterday and begged him: "Stop now".

Killer Moat bragged on his Facebook page: "Ha, Ha! You can come but you can't catch me."

And it was claimed today that Moat may have created a hitlist of targets.

Dad of two ... shot PC David RathbandKelly Stobbart, 27, the half-sister of shooting victim Sam, said: "I've been told by people who can see his profile that he's updated his status on Facebook and there's now a hitlist.

"I'm on it and so are family members. He's said he will take out any police that get in his way.

"I'm absolutely petrified because I haven't got police protection and he's angry with me and my family."

Cops issued their plea as his ex Samantha - with whom he has a 19-month-old daughter in Gateshead - battled for life in hospital.

And last night Samantha's sister warned ex-bouncer Moat was set on "suicide by cop" and he would want to "go out in a blaze of glory".

Moat flipped after terrified Samantha dumped him while he was behind bars - lying to him that she was dating a policeman.

She hoped he would stay away from her. But her ploy backfired after the brute was released on Thursday from Durham jail - where he had served a two-month stretch for beating a CHILD.


A posting on Facebook read: "Just got out of jail, I've lost everything, my business, my property and to top it all off my lass of six years has gone off with the copper that sent me down.

"I'm not 21 and I can't rebuild my life. Watch and see what happens."

A source said: "Samantha called him in prison and said it was over because she had met a new bloke who was a cop. He talked about it non stop. It was clearly festering away with him."

Early on Saturday the musclebound monster - who worked as a tree surgeon and also has two other children - tracked down his ex after getting hold of a shotgun. He blasted her twice through a window at her stepfather's house in Birtley, near Gateshead.

New boyfriend Chris Brown - a 29-year-old karate expert - raced outside with an iron bar. He was executed with a shot to the head.

Police launched a manhunt but Moat struck again early yesterday as PC Rathband sat alone in his marked car at a roundabout in East Denton, west of Newcastle. Moat blasted him through a side window of the vehicle at 12.45am. A car found torched 45 minutes away at Park Village, near Haltwhistle, Northumberland, was being examined by police.

Trail of a killer ... map showing Moat's rampage

PC Rathband lives with wife Kath, 40, and children Ashley, 16 and Mia, 12, in Blyth, Northumberland. He has a twin, Darren, who was last night jetting from Australia.

Superiors hailed PC Rathband a hero for bravely giving them crucial information about the dangerman. Det Chief Supt Neil Adamson went on to reveal Moat's taunts as he made a direct plea to the killer. He said:

Mr Moat, yesterday when you contacted the police it was clear that you believed certain things to be true which I would like to clarify with you now. You have told us that the police were not taking you seriously. I can assure you we are. I want you to know you have our full attention.

Innocent people have been hurt. This must stop now. You believe that Sam was having an affair with a Northumbria police officer.

Sam has told us this is not true. Our inquiries have verified this.

Chris Brown who was shot and killed yesterday was not and has never been a Northumbria police officer or in any way connected with the police.

Sam is injured but will live. PC Rathband was seriously injured and is in a critical condition in hospital. You have expressed concern for the future wellbeing of your children. For their sake this needs to stop now. Whatever has happened you are their father and always will be. These are not the memories that your children need to have of their father. Enough people have been hurt - you need to make contact with the police now.

The cop refused to reveal further details of what the steroid-taking fiend said after dialling 999 and ranting for several minutes.

It also emerged Moat had changed his Facebook status to: "Moat went on the rampage the day after his release from prison. He had served 18 weeks at Durham Prison for an assault." Last night a string of people against whom he bore grudges were under armed guard.

They were believed to include a social worker, a family liaison officer and detectives.

Grim search .... cops source scene of PC's shooting for clues yesterday

His ex-partner Marissa Ree, mother of his two other children, was whisked to a secret location. Twenty armed cops swooped to search Moat's three-bed semi in Fenham, Newcastle - where his BMW was parked.

Neighbours told how he festooned his home with CCTV cameras. Mum-of-two Danielle Atkinson, 20, saw him make a flying visit the day he left jail.


She described him as "paranoid and jealous". Samantha was often beaten up, according to the wounded mum's family. Gran Ann Hornsby, 69, said her granddaughter would stay with her to get away from him.

The young mum once posted a Facebook message that she was going out with a friend - and Moat stormed around wielding a gun. Ann confessed: "I'm terrified."

Samantha's half-sister Kelly Stobbart, 27, said: "He's a nutter. He threatened everyone in our family. He put my windows through once.

"Jail changed him because he couldn't get his steroids or anti-depressants. He could do anything."

"But he's a coward and he hasn't got the bottle to shoot himself. He wants a stand-off with the police, so they'll have to shoot him.

"He's definitely not going to give himself up. He wants to be the guy who died because he shot a load of coppers. We are all terrified that he's coming after us."

Samantha, wounded in the chest and stomach, has told relatives she put her arm up as Moat fired.

Kelly said: "The shot went through her arm and liver."

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3041163/Killers-on-the-run-after-gunning-down-his-ex-murdering-her-new-boyfriend-and-shooting-a-cop.html#ixzz0sndz3ocV

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Guest Lemons

Why did the Karate Kid run out of the yard with an iron bar when my man was already licking of shots with the shotgun?

Did he really think that would end well for him?

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