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can someone that is gay be a 'roadman' ??

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yes or no

i beg your pardon

maybe, i know 2 brummy guys..both nutters back in there day and prob still are.. don't know them personally, just to say safe to. anyway they always look ghetto when i see them around town..and they

if one of my breh's was jammin on road in a dress i'd all of a sudden have to leave emergency! I dont think any of my friends are gay, even if they was I dont think i'd care so long as they aint beggin me nothin but to actually jam in a dress while i'm there? u must be crazy

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Oh yeah, whilst he wasn't a roadman per se, a guy from around Queens Park sides called Eddie Aboah. Guy went jail, came out on some next vibe f*cked in the head. Basically, what one helper at our school told us is if you see a Ford Escort playing reggae with a Jamaican flag, run as the man seemed to have an unhealthy interest in young males. This one is true though I don't know if he is still about, but I have heard the exact same thing about this guy from older adults that live around the area.

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