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yo used 2 think it were just women who were insecure but more n more man goin on like insecure bitches these days. Must happen as u get older? just rang up my boy about goin gym then he spent 4 minutes talking about hw he needs to get in proper shape n start listening 2 chicks more coz sum bitch told him he's selfish. never wasting my minutes on this nigga again till he fixes up. bex. niggah just do u,

C me now i not insecure at all sum things i'm sh*t at like swimming n singing but not insecure coz i don't spend time thinking about it. I think im kinda fly sum ppl say its cocky but its just self belief ya get me. Most chicks can name 5 things they don't like about themselves i'm struggling 4 3 and none of them r about looks or body. real niggaz need 2 stand up 4 2010.

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Guest Lens

is this a 1 off, or regular ting wid dis yute?

but yh, either he really affected by people's words or loves off this girl.

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guys r becomin more insecure

its media induced/ woman encouraged

the dynamics in western countrys have neutered and denatured the position of most men in society.. we have been reduced to lackey/trophy possessions for a woman centered society

u guys mite hate the afghans but i swear to god an afghan man is king.. he comes home and tells his wife to suck his d*ck she does it there and then... she cleans cooks and does wat she is told...

should be standard


then goes to watch lil boys dance

lol par

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