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Are parking wardens there to make profit or prevent incorrect parking?

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Clampers sue over curry house warnings

A restaurant owner was sued by clampers for ‘loss of earnings’ after warning customers against parking in a private car park.

Zak Hussein left a sign telling punters they were likely to face a £150 release fee if they left their vehicle in the permit-only car park next to his Indian restaurant.

The Chillies’ kitchen door opens on to the site and many punters found their car had been clamped after leaving their vehicle for a few minutes.

But Whites Car Park Solutions was infuriated by the sign and launched legal proceedings after claiming his actions were scaring away its own ‘customers’ and depriving it of the release fees.

The 50-year-old received a letter from clamper Jason White, which said: ‘If you carry on to warn people away from the car park causing me loss of earnings I will have to issue a county court summons in the region of £150 for each day you do this.’

Mr Hussein, who has owned the restaurant in Andover, Hampshire, for five years, said he was stunned when he received a letter from Northampton County Court saying Mr White had lodged a claim for £535.

It demanded £500 ‘loss of earnings’, £35 ‘court fee’ and £150 per day until the court case.

Mr Hussein said the clamping would ruin his business ‘as customers do not want to collect a £20 meal and leave with an additional £150 parking fine’.

‘The way the firm clamps is ferocious. My customers do not even have 20 seconds to come in and collect a permit before the clampers pounce,’ he claimed.

District Judge Andrew Grand threw out the claim at Southampton County Court, after saying there were ‘no reasonable grounds’ and that Mr Hussein was allowed to warn his customers.

Whites Car Park Solutions and the car park owner have refused to comment.

swear they're not meant to be on a profit makin flex like that, and should be grateful for the warning?


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