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Guest nimmy

Meditation to Quit Smoking

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Guest nimmy

In spite of the numerous medications available to quit smoking, doctors encourage patients to practice yoga or meditation to quit smoking and other stress related illnesses. When our body faces a sudden threat we respond with the fight reaction which is known as adrenaline rush. The adrenaline glands increase the production of adrenaline and other hormones which result in pulse race, increased blood pressure, faster breathing and increased blood flow in the muscles. In cases of extreme danger these reactions are very helpful to us. We will remain in a state of permanent stress if we do not confront the situation. It is in this situation that people tend to light up cigarettes.

A very effective Way to quit smoking is meditation because meditation is extremely useful in releasing stress from the body. Practicing meditation regularly leads to a deeper level relaxation and contemplation. It is an excellent way of getting control over the mind and thereby helps to overcome the urge to smoke.

The simplest method of meditation that can be practiced by ourselves is to sit in a comfortable position with the eyes closed. In the initial stages the mind might drift but gradually one can learn to focus the mind. The basic idea of meditation is to become one with the forces around us. It is necessary to focus our minds on the sounds surrounding us. The mind should initially focus on the big sounds around us and then to smaller sounds. Slowly it needs to focus on the breathing action of the body. Practicing this meditative state regularly gives immense mental strength. When there is an urge to smoke one should meditate. Meditation not only drives away the urge to smoke but also gives control over the mind.

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