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Guest Trollse Hill

Deeperman - Get To Know Me Volume 1 - OT Recordings

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Guest Trollse Hill


Track List

1. Inside

2. Don’t Stop ft Devlin

3. The Weed Is In Me Ft Dogzilla

4. Dirty

5. Trapped In The Streets

6. Get To Know Me

7. Everyday Struggle Ft Ghetts& Kayla

8. Rapid Fire Ft Devlin

9. Pipe Down Ft Kozy

10 Cry Ft Devlin

Bonus tracks:

11. Where You at?

12. Midnight Memoirs Ft Kaster, Bliss & Discarda

Anyone listend to this yet? I heard big things

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Guest Trollse Hill


If you want to know how I found out about this album, type "Pipedown" into google, few pictures down is the album cover.



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