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Mr. Gayle

Michael Douglas at risk of losing his voice during cancer battle

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Actor Michael Douglas could lose his voice after undergoing his treatment for throat cancer, potentially putting his career in jeopardy, it has been revealed.

News circled the world yesterday that the Hollywood star, who is married to stunning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, had been diagnosed with a throat tumour.

The 65-year-old is to undergo around eight weeks of aggressive radiation and chemotherapy in a bid to beat the cancer. It is believed that this form of therapy has been chosen as it would prevent doctors from having to operate on his larynx, and is his best chance of keeping his voice.

The alternative form of treatment would be surgery and a partial or complete laryngectomy, which would leave him with a changed voice – or even no voice at all. This would be a devastating outcome for the actor, as it would leave him unable to act.

Douglas is expected to start his treatment at some point this week in New York. He has cancelled all engagements for the next two months, including promotional work for his new film, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, which is due out in September.

The actor, who is believed to have become concerned because of his recurrent hoarse voice and the fact that he was having trouble swallowing, has said that he is “very optimistic” following the news of his illness.

Douglas’ spokespeople have not confirmed exactly what type of cancer he is battling.

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No doubt he will get some extra special type of treatment and majorly reduced waiting times for all this, due to his money and movie star status. Where as if it was your average joe bloggs off the street it would probably turn out to be terminal.

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Guest Yilmaz

If you got the money you got the money innit, simple tings

Yeah i suppose poor people deserve to die of cancer ay.

Not at all. But all we can do is continue the struggle for wealth equality.

Believe me G, I'm in 100% agreement with you.

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