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Driving lessons

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If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, get the AA Theory Test app. It has all 970+ questions and it's easy to revise on the go or just bang out mock tests to see how you're coming along. I bought it for £1.79 and it's been a god send.

If not then just get the CD/DVD from Game, WHsmith's or any other retailer of that sort. If you're cheap and have a Rapidshare account you can download the links for the DVD if from Warez BB.

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get the question bank in any format - ebook, regular book, cd/dvd, iphone app

read the whole thing, the questions in each section are very repetitive so by the time you get to the end you'l have most of it memorised

theres mock exams on google just search

its easy tbh dropped 1 mark

the cd is good for the hardzard perception practise but that part of the test isnt a challenge

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