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Black rob - Another diddy rape victim

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Diddy, aka Count Ciroc-ula has been known to suck his artists dry and throw their drained carcasses to the wolves. In a recent interview with Vibe, Diddy tried to explain why Bad Boy has been an artist graveyard for so many years.

Diddy said:

“….There’s an off perception that needs to be addressed about me that I have ever robbed somebody or mistreated somebody. Or tried to be ruthless or whatever in this game. Like, all this year I’ve heard people say, “Where’s Carl Thomas, where’s Black Rob, where’s G.Dep? Where are these artists?” And for some reason they go ahead and equate that, cause those artists aren’t with me, that I’ve done something wrong or malicious or conniving. It’s something that I do have a problem with because they don’t have no proof that I’ve ever done nothing like that.”

He has a point. But if he was looking for proof, he can always check out Chopper going in on him about not helping his family during Katrina, or Black Rob blasting him for his lack of support.

Vibe also asked Diddy if these pesky rumors bother him:

“It’s a misconception. Especially someone who’s been brought up like me. I’ve been brought up to work hard for mine and never take from nobody. And to always try and help people. But people don’t understand this game that were in. You have a short life expectancy. It’s rare to a me, to be a Jay-Z, an LL, a Nas. That sh*t is a rarity. That’s not even one percent of the rappers. If you look at any artists that were on Ruff Ryders, where they at? If you look at any artist that was on Def Jam at the time we started, where they at? If you look at any artist that was on Roc-A-Fella, Jive, where they at? It’s not like anything was wrong with them. It’s just that you have a four, five-year average in this game. That’s just something I wanted to address.”

True, many artists have a short life in the game, but not every artists complains about it. Young Joc went on the radio to get out of his contract with Diddy, Danity Kane complained publicly, as did everyone from every season of Making of The Band. (Even the chick from the reality show ‘I Want To Work For Diddy’ said he didn’t even give her a real job.) Let’s not forget about Mase finding Jesus and Loon turning to Allah, Shyne catchin’ the charge and The Lox protesting their shiny suits back in the day. Even Fonzworth Bentley can’t get a job holding umbrellas.

Strangely enough, Cassie has been the only artist to beat the Bad Boy curse. Wonder how she did it?

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Guest Triple XXX

its nt even like man can saw its jus a few people

cos almost everyone he signs drops and album and thats it

f*ck knows whats gonna hapen with Dirty Money

luckily Yung Joc n Ball & G managed to get out

hopefully Gorilla Zoe still releases sh*t seems like Block Ent is the only way to stay with Diddy n nt get f*cked up

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^^ lol was about to post..

The acrobatic involved swinging on diddys nuts is disgraceful..

This vid jsut sums up the rap game in general.... Sooo lame now

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lmao @ wavant


will watch the vid later

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