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fao yu fresh on campus heads

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im gonna give yu some advice

it will 100% work

yu wana get the girls ye

but thers too many to choose from and is long chasing them

so wat yu do is get yurself an ugly chick to roll wiv yu

now the sexi girls will clok yu and think hmm this guys hot wats he doin wiv her

slag mentality provales

boom bam yu got yurself a boom ting wivout even putting effort in

now yu dont ditch the ugly bitch, yu keep her for wen yu need to re up on yur links

this is million dollar info im giving yu,

this is part of my being nice and giving to people so apreciate it

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Guest Lens

with 5000 posts and no capital Ys??


this advice would fail

upon bein seen with the ugly ting, they would think You're desperate

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