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Benfica B in danger of relegation from the segunda, so they're going to use some first team players in their next game

unless it's Greece these kinda tips rarely work out, but I'm gonna throw that game in an accu

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19 hours ago, welbz said:

Fuck missed that game and 2 goal scorers I would have picked both bagged smh


juve are huge at 23/20

will add to a little treble

Gigi Buffon >>>>>

saved a 90th minute penalty, fiorentina were all over juve 2nd half boy

slovan Bratislava & juve double

£120 returned £302

also had benfica in play at half time 3/4

£100 returned £175

had a big accumulator something like 12 teams £5 woulda returned over a Grand only Grimsby let me down




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:lol: Thizz wants answers.

Treble @ 5.02/1

Under 1.5 (1st half) City 0 vs 0 Real

Under 1.5 (1st half) Livingston 1 vs 0 Rangers

Over 1.5 (1st half) Hull 2 vs 0 Brentford (45th min second goal)

£20 > 120.37

Second half...

Double @ 1.05/1

Under 3.5 (FT) Livingston 1 vs 0 Rangers

Under 1.5 (FT) City 0 vs 0 Real

£120 > £245.45

Wasn't sure about that Scottish game woulda got over £400 if I did under 2.5 second half, played it safe.

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