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Official Betting Thread


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Went in a bookies for the first time in years, needed cash but couldnt be bothered to walk all the way to the cashpoint... told them put £50 on the machine instead of hitting collect the voice in my head made me go to roulette (think its cos some girl told me she won 2 bags at the casino last weekend)

started spinning in half hour got all the way up to 5 bills, ting just kept landing on where i had all my money

no £0 losses just sometimes i got less then my stake 

At 500 someting i lost my first spin... and cashed out was a little gassed didnt want the change... wanted a nice round number so stuck the rest of it on a horse @ 5/2

Won that as well 

only needed £40 to change something on my car

Thats more then ive made on football all 2017 

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Got asked for ID too ??

Was a good day ??

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I quit Coral after joining them in Winter 2013.

I joined SkyBet closed the account after a few hours due to the lack of options.


Signed with Bet365 due to my love of trebles(First team to score)

Betis were@7/5 

Ruben Castro bagged a pen 

10 minutes to go 

Javi Fuego equalised then this happened couldn't believe it 



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Thinking of leaving coral too

like the odds/options/no issues withdrawing 

but the way they lock off in play especially overs/unders when there is still 5mins of a half remaining ?

Have bet365 and betfair accounts that i might reuse

worth it or same everywhere?

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Goodluck (might try that again but i know ill end up forcing it)

bet365 is a bit slow init 

wanted 2.5 before sane scored missed it

still got it bit lower tho, first profit on the site... took me ages to find my password and re validate my account 

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Crystal Palace (+1) @ 19/20
Hull @ 21/20
Borussia M'gladbach @ 10/11
Granada (+1) @ 13/8
Liverpool - No @ 4/7
Man City (+1) @ 8/13
Newcastle @ 4/11
Arsenal @ 2/5
RB Leipzig +1.0 @ 7/20
9 Folds, 1 bet * £5.00


The real return was £600+

Was shook and cashed that shit out.  Ain't had a win in my grasp for a minute


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