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Official Betting Thread


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England-Scotland game inspired me to go in today after a very long time out

started with 300 ended the day with 1.2k



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there've been so many high scoring games that I missed out on by taking a break

especially the CL final

the bets above were more out of frustration than wisdom

got real lucky

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Ive put a treble on for the coming season...

Bournemouth to be Relegated @ 6/1 - I think they've had there time, and just have an inkling this could be the seaon they go down...

Sheffield United to be promoted @ 8/1 - We haven't had a team secure back to back promotions since Southampton in 2012, but they outclassed their league one rivals this season and it would be no surprise to see them at least grab a play off spot..

Inter to win Serie A @ 12/1 - Juve have obviously dominated Italian football for the past 6 years or so, but there was a lot to like about the way Inter played at times this season despite there overall position, if they can continue to make progress i can see them thereabouts at the end of next season...


Treble at 818/1 


Hopefully keep me entertained for a good chunk of the season.. 

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See Zizouz tempts me to make a comeback but I know ill fling a score on swe/eng over 1.5 first half and lose and be done then watch the second half have 2.5

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made about £400 profit on these low odd bets today alone

some of them are straight degeneracy 

time to pull out and take another break

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See what im saying pure dust not even 1 goal

bring on the confed cup

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Omg this guy tried a panenka and pickford saved it

hate that cunt

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Russia is dust


cant bag 1 vs amateurs

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1 hour ago, O Fenomeno said:

Yo Ziz 

What's the biggest stake you been allowed to put on a single bet?

I know these bookmakers tend to c*ck block.

I don't go past £800 these days and betfred been calm

but I don't bet anywhere near as often as I used to so that has a lot to do with it

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