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So fucked!

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Manchester man who murdered niece will 'never be freed'

_49362496_newtia2.jpg Tia's body was found by police on 3 April after they were called by Maden A man obsessed with rape, torture and child abuse has been jailed for life for murdering his 12-year-old niece.

John Maden lured Tia Rigg to his home in Cheetham Hill, north Manchester, on the pretext of babysitting - but drugged and killed her.

He then called police himself and was "chillingly calm" when officers arrived, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Maden, 37, who pleaded guilty to rape and murder, was told he would never be allowed to face a parole board.-

The court heard that Maden had become obsessed with violent pornography and images of child abuse that he had downloaded from the internet.

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“Start Quote

He had an extensive library of such materials which included literature dealing with methods of killing”

End Quote Gordon Cole QC Prosecuting Gordon Cole QC, prosecuting, said: "In general terms this murder was premeditated.

"It was murder purely for his sexual gratification - it had a sexual motive. The facts reveal clearly features of torture, rape, physical abuse and the ultimate murder of a child."

Mr Cole said Maden had developed an "obsessive interest" in images and literature relating to paedophilia, rape and torture.

"He had an extensive library of such materials which included literature dealing with methods of killing," he told the court.

Greater Manchester Police found hundreds of extreme images of child abuse and violent pornography on a laptop belonging to the defendant.

Mr Cole added: "This material and the subsequent discovery of Tia reveals that this defendant was acting out a long-held fascination with rape, torture and abuse of children.

"He re-enacted scenes from his collection of pornographic material."

_49362493_madenjohn.jpg John Maden was told he would never be released The court heard that Maden had called his sister at 1417 BST on 3 April to ask Tia to go to his house. She arrived just before 1500 BST and was dead within 45 minutes.

A post-mortem examination later revealed that Tia had been stabbed in the abdomen and suffered severe internal

they need to bring back the death penalty

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Guest Triple XXX

cant rehabilitate this kinda freak

your own niece?

n i swear he looks at least an 8th black

im ashamed

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Guest Triple XXX

A deputy head teacher who encouraged another man to rape a three-year-old girl has been jailed for seven years.

Patrick Lennon, 59, told John Hawley, 38, to sexually abuse the child while he and a third man, Phillip Skitt, 54, watched on a webcam.

Lennon, of Warwick Avenue, Crosby, Merseyside, pleaded guilty to a string of sexual offences at Liverpool Crown Court.

He is suspended from his job at all-girl Greenbank High School, Southport.

The court heard that Lennon, a father-of-two, contacted Hawley, 38, from Halliwell, Bolton, and Skitt, of Orrell Road, Wigan, over the internet.

Among the offences he admitted were two counts of encouraging or assisting Hawley to commit the attack on the girl in November 2008.


man what the f*ck is goin on?

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glad their atleast getting caught, dunno. . . . if their organs were harvested wonder how someone would feel walking around with a paedo's heart.

hope I can one day get on them ethical committees change things,

5 years jail with appeal, if appeal fails your organs will be harvested or you will become a lab bitch

would feel closer to justice than a couple years in jail along side other paedo's

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Guest Esquilax

Even though the first example is obviously f*ck*ng disastrously evil and sick, I still can't bring myself to agree with the Death Pen

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These people are sick in the head. They have reached lows that you can never return from and have to be absolutely twisted to even end up there. sh*t f*ck*ng disgusts me.

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Guest Triple XXX
Woman 'told paedophile Colin Blanchard to assault baby'

A paedophile has told a court he was told what to do by his then girlfriend as the pair sexually assaulted and took photographs of a five-month-old baby.

Colin Blanchard told Winchester Crown Court it had been Tracy Dawber, 44, who had taken the lead in the abuse.

Ms Dawber, formerly of Southport, Merseyside, denies the assault and allowing him to take indecent pictures.

Blanchard, 40, formerly of Rochdale in Greater Manchester, previously admitted being involved in the assault.

He is in custody awaiting sentence.

'Quite passive'

Blanchard told jurors Ms Dawber had lifted the child's clothes to show the infant had no nappy on. He said Dawber had told him to look at the child and to take the photographs.

"I was quite passive in the whole thing. I was taking the photographs as instructed," he said.

"I took a photograph and she asked me to show it to her and then I took another and I showed it again and she repositioned the child accordingly."

He told the court there had been sexual talk during the taking of the images but not much had been said afterwards.

Blanchard told the court the pair met in 2007 and started having normal sex before moving onto an "A to Z of sexual desires and fantasies". The pair had discussed child sex, he said.

He admitted he had been involved with other women including two named in court as Vanessa George and Tracy Lyons.

Blanchard also told jurors had also sent images of child sex to two unnamed women.

Facebook connection

Earlier the jury heard Dawber admitted it was her holding the baby in the photographs but denied any wrongdoing.

Blanchard was caught in June 2009 when a colleague discovered child pornography on his computer, the court heard.

He was arrested at Manchester airport and a connection through a Facebook account was made with Dawber.

Officers also uncovered the mobile phone from Blanchard's Volvo that contained the images of the baby, which were shown to the jury. It also showed Dawber in explicit poses.

When arrested in November 2009 Dawber would not confirm it was her holding the baby but she later admitted it.

The court heard that officers found child pornography on her computer that was the same as that discovered on Blanchard's and search words on her machine sometimes linked to child pornography, such as "Lolita".

A computer file containing stories about incest was also found.

The trial continues.

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