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Ed Sheeran

Guest faze

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Guys sick, whos feeling him?

suprised there hasnt been a tpic on him here before seeing as hes all over SB.TV

anyway, heres anew track hes done with artful dodger....


and that classic SB.TV session.... end bit is big...

got an collab ep coming out featuring wiley, dot rotton, example and more soon so that should be a good one...

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I like.

just a decent ginger who can play a bit of a guitar jumping on the black/grime bandwagon and those equally talentless cunts love it cos it allows them to be marketable to the wider white community and

So his EP featured nearly every Grime MC you could think of, and yet his album has no one on? Hmm...

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got to say safe for the heads up on that collab ep :Y:

totally missed this thread and didn't know nothing about this guy until i heard his A-Team track on Channel AKA then copped the single.

previewed the collabs ep and copped straight away.

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