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NERD - Nothing

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1. Party People (feat. T.I.) 3:52

2. Hypnotize U 4:17

3. Help Me 4:07

4. Victory 3:42

5. Perfect Defect 3:42

6. I’ve Seen The Light / Inside of Clouds 4:25

7. God Bless Us All 3:29

8. Life As A Fish 2:36

9. Nothing On You 3:18

10.Hot-n-Fun (feat. Nelly Furtado) 3:24

11.It’s In The Air 4:21

12.Sacred Temple 4:11

13.I Wanna Jam 3:34

14.The Man 3:19

Hot-n-Fun got that original NERD/Neptunes groove to it. I Wanna Jam sounds cool too.

Never as good as the last album. Probably not as good as the two before either (haven't listened to them in a while).

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Only a couple of tracks I can listen to the rest are skipped.

*Hypnotize U - I like this, Daft Punk produced it, swear I recognise the sample used

Poor album.

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