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Car insurance?

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Been hearing alot of stories of how youg bucks change their age and or address on their insurance forms to get cheaper quotes? Why would anyone do this and dont the insurance companies check if details you provide are the same as the ones with the DVLA. Anyone on vip2 do this i personally dont think its worth it. also what happens when the po po stop you and they see that your age is different from the ones the insurance company have.

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Guest Loso

they dont ask for proof of age or any of that

they only ask for proof of no claims discount

and if police stop you and your age doesnt match whats on the on the paper then its game over but some insurers dont put your date of birth on the documents

also if youre in a crash and they send their engineers to look at your car and your vehicle specs dont match up to what you stated your policy could be repudiated/voided but you should know this

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