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GTS Mob Presents Drugs Sex & Dongu

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GTS are back with the follow up to their popular 'Live From Tha Trap', Crime, Dock and co are back with the new trapper soundtrack 'Drugs, Sex and Dongu', welcome to life on the corner. Download this big tape now...


01. Crime - Pans Labrinth [Family 1st] (Prod. By The Surrogate)

02. GTS Mob- Lean Up

03. GTS Mob - Say Nuttin (Prod. By The Surrogate)

04. GTS Mob - Get It In (Prod. By The Surrogate)

05. GTS Mob - We Get Gyal (Remixed By The Surrogate)

06. Rampage-Murder Dance

07. GTS Mob(Bc Da Bossman) - Strap On

08. GTS Mob (Feat. Flash) - deuces

09. Crime - Boom Bye (Prod. By The Surrogate)

10. GTS Mob - Starz In The Sky (Prod. By The Surrogate)

11. GTS Mob- Sunrise (Prod. By The Surrogate)

12. GTS Mob - Rock Boyz (Prod. By The Surrogate)

13. GTS Mob(Feat. Shackman I.O.C) - Kruddy Musick (Prod. By The Surrogate)

14. Crime (Feat. Bc Da Bossman) - Product Of The Ghetto

15. GTS Mob - Pillow Talking (Remixed By The Surrogate)

16. Crime (Feat. Brown) - Johnny Get Busy (Prod. By Renagade)

17. GTS Mob - Tryna Get Ahead (Prod. By The Surrogate)

18. Flash - Crossroads (Prod. By Renagade)

19 GTS Mob - For Your Love (Prod. By The Surrogate)

20. Crime(Feat. Brown) - Can Hear This

21. Naja Soze(Feat. Crime) Stories We Tell (Prod. By Lou Pocus)

22. Crime (Feat. I.O.C) - No Handouts (Prod. By Lou Pocus)

23. Crime - My Precious

24. GTS Mob - Make It (Prod. By The Surrogate)


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