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London rapper DJ Ironik is recovering in hospital after he was stabbed in the early hours of this morning.

The 22-year-old musician, real name James Charters, was attacked during an attempted robbery on the way back to his London home following a gig.

His manager Neil Ransome assured fans that he was 'doing ok' after being stabbed in his upper leg.

article-1327198-0BEFD6A5000005DC-866_468x520.jpg Attacked: DJ Ironik, pictured two weeks ago at the Radio 1 studios in London, is recovering in hospital from stab wounds

A statement from his PR agency Hackford Jones said: 'Ironik was attacked and stabbed in the early hours of Saturday morning during an attempted robbery whilst returning to his home in North London.

'He was stabbed in his upper leg, taken to hospital and is currently being treated. He is understandably shaken up by this unprovoked attack.'

His friend, a singer named Yasmin, wrote on Ironik's Twitter soon after the attack: 'Ironik is in hospital. Has been stabbed and in hospital but he is ok.'

Four hours later, she added: 'I'm with DJ Ironik right now at the hospital.. Yes he has been stabbed. He is in A&E but he's doing OK.'

article-1327198-0BEFD41E000005DC-273_468x478.jpg Shock: Ironik's singer friend Yazmin announced the incident on his official Twitter page

Ironik was assaulted as he returned to his north London home following a gig at the Element nightclub in Southend-On-Sea, Essex.

Before the attack, he had posted a photo of himself performing on stage to the 1,500-strong crowd.

Born in Highgate, North London, Charters started DJing from an early age before releasing his first single So Nice three years ago.

However, he leaped to fame last year when his song Tiny Dancer, featuring Chipmunk and Sir Elton John, went to number three in the charts.

He recently teamed up with 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes on the single Falling In Love, which was released two weeks ago.

Two years ago, he was romantically linked to glamour model Danielle Lloyd after they were photographed attending several events together, but he insisted they were 'just friends'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1327198/DJ-Ironik-stabbed-attempted-robbery.html#ixzz14VYtv5Qm

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reading the comments, this guy clearly doesnt like raplaugh.gif

No problem with the headline "London rapper ... etc" But the descriptor "The 22-year-old musician" is really pushing the envelope.

I am a musician. I play music with other musicians.

Rap is Urban Poetry.

I once recorded, dubbed and mixed a comedic "Rap" tune as a joke for some friends of mine. I did it in two hours total, I don't think my frontal lobe functions even came into play, except when I played the background "music".. which was computerized anyway.

- Blind Druid (Brit Ex-Pat), Nice Little Town, Canada, 06/11/2010 14:04

Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz14WkNuaxv

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Guest Esquilax

Lmao at Yazmin plugging herself


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sounds like he gave backchat, should have just handed over the goods

i thought this aswel... on some d*ckhead vibe like "do u kno who i am? u cant do this to ME"

shoulda known he'd get peeled tho.. he's pissed, not big enuff for 24/7 goons but big enuff to be recognised

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Police said all but one of the stolen items was later recovered.

A Met spokesman said: "Inquiries are continuing but no arrests have been made.


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