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The England Football Team Thread

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am i being nuts to suggest that Maradona, after Argentina lose to us in the WC should be approached by the FA?

Fully seckled the interviewer.

lol @ not being with your wife/missus when no one can account for John Terrys whereabouts sliiping

any restrictions on player nationality in the premier league would weaken the league


if England want to improve, their players need to be more confident travelling abroad to play in other football leagues, like earlier suggested.


and @ Toney's comment. what competitive football team in the prem is going to sacrifice their own team performance to try and help the England team?


they don't care about the England team, they care about fielding their own best team

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There are many reasons why England isn't producing enough elite footballers.

PL clubs not offering young English players enough 1st team opportunities is one of MANY reasons.

If you're blaming JET not playing at because Gervinho, get your facts straight please, they weren't even at the club at the same time.

Additionally, these sort of man are not serious. I'm saying JET & Nico Yennaris in FADED during the season getting plastered on a weekday.

Young English footballers don't have the same sort of discipline & hunger their foreign counterparts do, FACT.

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I'm a Tottenham fan, love AVB, but disagree completely with his comments


re last seasons callups: when You see a player might be good enough, You have to call them up and see how they perform.


if, after that, You don't think they will benefit the team in the future, You don't call them back up until Your opinion on that changes


re Townsend: it's not a friendly, the club manager's opinion is irrelevant, why does he need to "contact him" to say he intends to call the player up for the England squad.


talking about "continuity" in the national team like You don't have to earn, re earn, prove You deserve and compete for Your place at all times.


no they're not gonna be called up and guaranteed first team football for England all season. they play when they're required

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It's all in coaching for me.


The FA is slipping, lol.


Well not all...

At the absolute foundational level, it's the coaching, culture & to an extent the parenting that is failing these young players.

It doesn't at the PL clubs. Well maybe it does, you have teams fighting for the signature of fucking 5-7 year olds & it's getting worse because of the EPPP rules that have come in.

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What about Scott Sinclair's case?


had potential, chelsea brought because of that, never got a brake at chelsea went out on loan then finally moved to swansea, shined at swansea so snapped up at city, never made the grade shipped to WBA. There is a reason why Mancini was not picking him


2 totally separate cases.


In either case had there been a quota he would have probably played for Chelsea and not be trying to restart his career at 24.

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If you're blaming JET not playing at because Gervinho, get your facts straight please, they weren't even at the club at the same time.



I've said before a guy like Jay Emmanuel Thomas shoulda got a chance before Gervinho was bought.

One is a winger, the other is a central player whether it be upfront, behind the striker or in the middle of the park.

Either way, it's stupid comparison.

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JET is where he belongs

Ability wise it does not matter, you can't be a footballer living like a rock star

English players need to learn from guys like Theo

No ability but excellent professionalism that has seen him fly past guys with much more ability then him and the reason why England is behind is not because they lack technique, I'd say they are decent tek wise....

They lack mental, tactical and professionalism and this is all because they are uneducated

In Spain, Germany etc... What theo brings is standard to the majority of footballers therefore those with less ability don't make it....

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At Arsenal, he was never considered a winger in the long-term.


I used to watch Arsenal at Underhill, he's played both up top and on the wing.


In the season they got rid of him he was ridiculous in the reserves.




At that point he had 10 Goals and 5 Assists in 6 Appearances.



He shoulda got a chance before Gervinho was bought.

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