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The England Football Team Thread


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Just skived off for a bit talking footie with a real fan

Who said the exact same thing as me about shinesteiger

Man was the puppet master in that match beg u watch the game again and look at his

Key passes and positional play.

Man also was saying what iceberg was saying about England not looking after

Gifted players and sending them not getting to fulfil their potential and end up

Playing lower league

He was telling me hoddle was sh*t loads better than Wilkins but Wilkins has got bare caps cos he can do

The boring pass and not the continental type play hoddle use to do.

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The mentality of football has to change in this country completely. You have to look at where our coaches and managers come from. Those coaches and managers where players who indulged in that 'HOOF' style football.

I swear Ozil is what J.Cole would have been if he would have played football in a different country. AND they drummed it out of him in the end

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I swear Ozil is what J.Cole would have been if he would have played football in a different country. AND they drummed it out of him in the end


It was Mourinho who stifled joe cole

I was pointing out that Cole was a playmaker with a team that WASN'T built around him therfore his style had to change.

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evening standard backing beckham for the job, because ermmm he looked the part with his sleeves rolled up yesterday lol

i fully believe its the players fault and no manager can sort this 'golden generation' out

that is IF the manager continues to play the golden generation in the way every other manager has u will never win

how can u expect to play lampard and barry in a 2 man midfield and expect to beat top nations

yh u will prob get away with lampard and barry nd beat sh*t teams in the group stages ... (err as long as hesky aint up front)

people say why aint lampard the same man as chelsea, at chelsea hes has played his best football in a 3 man midfield

with a specialist DM or another midfielder who compliments him

Barry is a decent premiership player but at the top level he aint that guy, def not in a 2 anyway

Then u have the fact that basically no top international team plays a basic 2 man midfield, most have some form of 3 which will expose our 2.

England are obsessed with gerrard/lampard the sooner they sort this out and get a proper formation/balance built pourposely to suit the best individual player, only then will they progress

They need a manager who can see this and has the bollocks to change it

Im surprised capello given his record didnt do better at this WC, made some basic errors

but then u have to look at a few things

the players at his disposal isnt the greatest, england striking options are weak and other areas

also capello aint managed at international level before hes used to day to day management

given time he would prob get it right but u aint gonna have time as england manager

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WORLD CUP 2010: You get away with murder! Roy Keane blasts England flops and says Fabio Capello should stay

By Mel Henderson Last updated at 5:21 PM on 28th June 2010

Roy Keane last night blasted England's World Cup flops and told them: 'You get away with murder.'

Keane also leapt to the defence of under-fire boss Fabio Capello and insisted the 64-year-old Italian should stay in charge.

Ipswich boss Keane said: 'To keep criticising and questioning the manager is crazy. 'He didn't do anything wrong in the qualifying campaign and now, all of a sudden, he's not the top man any more.'


'They should just leave him to get on with the job. He is absolutely brilliant and England are lucky to have him.'

Former Manchester United skipper Keane reserved his wrath for Capello's under-performing stars. He added: 'They have to take a long hard look at themselves. They get away with murder.

'I wasn't really surprised by the Germany defeat. I keep saying it – good players don't necessarily make good teams. 'People keep talking about world class players but who are they?


'There's probably only Wayne Rooney, who had a brilliant season. 'And even though he still hasn't done it on the world stage he has the best chance.'

Keane delivered a damning verdict on the other players who scraped through the group stage and were humiliated by the Germans on Sunday.

He went on: 'Look at the goalkeepers. David James was relegated with Portsmouth and Robert Green just about stayed up with West Ham. 'Glen Johnson did okay at Liverpool but they had a poor enough season.


'John Terry? He had his issues and I don't think he had a great season. 'Chelsea may have won the Premiership and FA Cup double but that was more down to some world class attacking players.

'Matthew Upson didn't have a great season at West Ham and Ashley Cole, to be fair to the boy, has just come back from injury.

'James Milner had a good season but Gareth Barry was very average for Manchester City. 'Emile Heskey started the World Cup up front but he only scored three Premiership goals for Aston Villa.'

Keane said Capello should not be the scapegoat for England's last 16 exit and laid the blame firmly at the feet of the players.

He said: 'The goals they conceded against Germany, particularly the first couple, had nothing to do with Capello's choice of system or tactics. 'It wasn't a case of getting overrun in midfield. It was just very bad defending.'

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England need to start taking age group tournaments serious, yes we won the under 17s but that was the first win since the 90s. By taking serious I mean taking players even if they are in the 1st team squad, so what if the jabroni thinks it is a step down, no you are actually gaining experience at an international championship and could be a winner. Brazil take it serious, Spain take it very serious, France, Argentina, the list goes on.

Problems are deep within our game.

Sacking Fabio is a knee jerk reaction, people need to wake up and realise this is the same group of players who have been around since 2004 and become stale, boring, stagnate etc. Teams know how we play so it's far easier for them to play against us. Whats needed is a fresh group of players, new blood and who are hungry, can Fabio do the job for 2012? I honestly think he can if he will also change his tactics i.e. formation.

What I didn't enjoy hearing was this "tired" excuse, it's become boring. I'm glad now the "England can't play in this heat" excuse can't be used because even in the weather South Africa has had they couldn't.

One more thing the players complaining about not knowing the line up till 2 hours before kick off is annoying, it's more than obvious that certain players are going to start so how can you not prepare. Let's be real was he really going to drop Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Cole, Rooney etc, it's just another excuse to try taking the blame off of themselves.

I shook my head at a lot of tabloids this morning, same people who thought we could win and praising Fabio a while back now turning which happens time and time again when ever we crash out of a major championship, they should start taking some of the blame but hey I guess they won't want to be scape goats will they. Few good pieces inside the broadsheets like The Times, Oliver Kay had a good piece, The Guardian's World Cup Daily was hitting the nail on the head, where as 606 well it was laughable, and Talksport well ok lets stop.

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