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Right, here is the deal;

I am looking at trying to make money as part of a group this season on the All Weather (Southwell, Wolverhampton, Kempton, Lingfield), I'll be looking for us to debate potential betting prospects as a group and hopefully succeeding financially.

I've used my ratings succesfully for a number of years now over the flat season which is very intense work although rewardable in the long run, I've taken the time out to try and get us up to date on the figures from 1st of October to start us over the next few months.

I'll offer my advice to whoever needs it but some of the key things we'll be looking at doing is trying to get a strangle hold on every horse running on the All Weather this season and trust me it's the only way of winning. What I've got so far is every winner and it's rating completed but we just need to add the runners up into the database which is quite easy for example i'll use one figure we've missed the boat on already this year;

Horse - Blackmore

Figure - 92

Goto - www.racingpost.com

Type in the search box- Blackmore (click its profile)

Look at the 4th November at Lingfield and click it

So we've got the winners rating and it's time to do the rest, you'll see a littlle number to the left corner of the text which means distance beaten but don't confuse with the two numbers either side of it beacause thats the finishing position and the horses draw!

Eagle Nebula lost by a NK

King Supreme lost by 1.50 lengths

William's Way lost by 2.25 lengths

Sarando lost by 0.50 lengths

Paloma Blanca lost by 24 lengths

Boucheron lost by 23 lengths

To make things simple before you start rating your card, anything from a; Nk, Nse, Hd, we leave as the rating above because the distance is so marginal, i.e Eagle Nebula lost by a NK we'll leave it as 92, anything like 2.25 we'll round down to 2l and anything like 1.50l we'll round up to 2l

This is what we should have!

92 - Blackmore

92 - Eagle Nebula

90 - King Supreme

88 - William's Way

87 - Sarando

63 - Paloma Blanca

40 - Boucheron


The All Weather season doesn't see any exceptional horses which is why it will be rare for us to see horses reach over 90 especially the longer the trip, we're more likely to see decent figures from sprinters than two milers like Blackmore which makes this figure so interesting!

I'll talk you lot through how to work out the potential OR (Official Rating) although I'll only have this information available to me at the moment but will try make it available for the group soon. This is important in handicaps because it tells us how confident about the amount of room for error we can have withint our bet next time out!

If you look at Blackmore he ran 9l quicker than his par (A par means the class of race) if we still got our race open we can see in the title its a 0-75, if he's run 9l quicker than a 0-75 then its 75+9 = 84.

Basically we've got a 84 rated horse in potentiall running around off a mark of 60!, what does that make you think? f*ck*ng getting stuck into this, Blackmore won next time out at 11/2 but if you watch the race the horse was absolutely all over the place in the rear and never looked like he was going to finish the race yet managed to get up!, I can tell you this wouldn't happen if the horse didn't have over 20lbs in hand which makes our job easier!

If we go back to the Lingfield race he won Williams Way back in 4th won next time out at 13/2


If anyone wants to join in and start having a go at rating a few cards, i'll give them the check over and with a bit of luck we'll have some good bets in the coming months.

We should hold a meeting here and discuss a potential bet with members about a horse whose recorded a decent rating but need an opinion about whether we should feel confident of betting because;

A - Its running over a different course

B - It's running over a different distance

C - It's running in a different class

D - It's got a different jockey


Please remember these are animals and you've probably heard the saying before that they're not machines but I am living proof that this system works but all it takes is hard work and I guess we're all at uni so more hands are better.

We're trying to find horses that the betting public hasn't latched onto, prices that will benefit us in the long run although be aware that we wont win every race and it's a marathon not a sprint as the season from October to March.

Whose in!?

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