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World Strictest Parents, Series 3, BBC3 NOW

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World Strictest Parents, Series 3, BBC3 NOW

This Hackney bitch, Sevda... :rolleyes:


For a week they must live with the Frazees from San Antonio, a deeply religious family and a pillar of their community. Dad Randy is a charismatic pastor of a megachurch attended by 10,000 people and his wife Rozanne is mum to their three kids - daughter Jennifer, who has left home, and sons David and Austin.

During their stay, Muslim (!) Sevda must integrate at the megachurch without even her banned cigarettes to fall back on - a difficult combination. Both of these school dropouts must also attend the preppy Boys and Girls Club of America, an after-school program for those not in state education.

Can Andrew overcome his selfish ways and make his parents proud? Can Sevda let down her guard and open up to strangers?

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