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Heero Yuy

The End of the Football Agent ?

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For all the latest reports and transfer rumours, visit our dedicated section here.

Player agents will no longer be used to govern trading and working relationships between players and clubs under radical new proposals by Fifa, football's world governing body.

Under the new regulations, to come into force by October 2011, according to Tuttosport, the use of agents as we know it now will be abolished.

Players will only be allowed to choose one person to represent them and they will be known as an 'intermediary' who will conduct all management affairs and relations on their behalf.

Furthermore, the intermediary will not be required to possess any binding qualification. Fifa's executive committee are expected to take the proposals into the next phase by June.

As part of the new proposals, any legal infractions will be the responsibility of players and clubs, not the agent.

Reports claim Fifa have already cancelled future exams for would be agents in preparation for the new proposals to be approved.

It is said Fifa want to eradicate the fashion of players having several agents or representatives.

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Good they take the piss on FM sometimes

Lol, my younger brother has been saying this so many times. Even for some run of the mill gob shite player they take the piss.

As for this good, but Fifa in general are f*ckers.

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Guest Waka Flocka Dave

imagine you were living good driving ranges n making it rain in clubs

then one day u woke up and learned your job wont be available anymore


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Total money spent on agents (Oct 2009 - Sep 2010):

Arsenal - £3,660,199.00

Aston Villa - £2,279,536.50

Birmingham - £1,518,529.09

Blackburn - £1,623,232.92

Blackpool - £45,000.00

Bolton - £3,549,316.72

Chelsea - £9,293,751.48

Everton - £3,599,040.51

Fulham - £2,087,373.55

Liverpool - £9,032,528.49

Manchester City - £5,952,261.33

Manchester United - £2,312,726.00

Newcastle - £2,417,776.00

Stoke - £2,196,968.50

Sunderland - £4,421,990.72

Tottenham - £5,361,229.87

West Brom - £614,195.73

West Ham - £3,419,089.99

Wigan - £2,461,500.00

Wolves - £1,291,794.00

Liverpool have jizzed away £9m on agents supplying them with the likes of Poulsen, Konchesky and Kyriagkos. Unbelievable. City, on the other hand, have clearly made a concerted effort not to get fleeced, considering the value of their transfers.

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