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Resturaunt reccomendations

Guest Rorschach

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the roadhouse is in covent garden, Rosa's is in soho. and this other good thai rest in soho ...cant remember the name (google thai restaurants in soho), you cant book for it you just turn up, but its always packed so you may have to wait outside for about 10-30mins.

thai square is by traf sq.

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Guest Waka Flocka Dave

anyone been to that dans le noir place in north london, some french restaurant where u eat in the dark. any good? whats the prices sayin?

man f*ck that they sould be serving u uncooked dog balls or phleming in ur food

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Yeah Prezzo is decent and cheap. Good for if you're strapped for cash or out with friends. They ususally got deals going on the web.

Anyone heard about / been to Cosmo in Croydon near Ikea Purley Way? Biggest Restaurant in the UK

Hate that Cosmo place, next to my gym and people queuing for food always get in my way


As in queueing to get inside? Life really is a bitch

@ Kaygee I didn't even know it was a chain ^)

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