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Lil Wayne - Carter V

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f*ckin mugs i will stop giving opinions on sh*t then

ting has leaked

T & K are no where near each other on the keyboard 

Guest Waka Flocka Dave

Tech N9ne gonna be on C.IV

LMFAO @ the d*ckriders gettin their period on the youtube comments

f*ckin hell, mans sayin if they didnt like man before they shouldnt listen to him when hes on the album

too much f*ckin oestrogen niggas need to stop bitchin

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you man must not listen to wayne

since hes been on road hes been going INNNN and the album is gona be nuts

he even did marvins room better than drake 'oj simpson dat p*ssy'

i listened to it like 3 times and I can quote 3 lines from 3 BANGERS

racks= all black hoody im grim reaper look like its time for spring cleaning brand new spankin street sweeper #taking the piss

tunechi back= got a virgin call her madonna but I aint trippin her head is a monster

guccigucci=Hammers in ya face this is not a dream but you will get every page of this magazine :blink: :blink:

hes actually focused he even said on one of them tunes how hes cut down on da drugs. Hes actually harder now IMO

'my lifes a movie i got da leading lady'

u man need to actually listen to this nigga. Also gudda gudda is HARD. Young Money are a strong camp

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