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hiphop Lil Wayne - Carter V

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this album is fire


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Thu 7 Jun 2018

Lil Wayne Reaches Eight-Figure Settlement with Birdman, Readies Release of ‘Tha Carter V’

Posted by Andy B. under Good For Hip Hop , Music News


Lil Wayne’s legal nightmare may finally be over.

According to The Blast, who obtained (but have yet to share) court documents, Lil Wayne has scored a huge settlement in his lawsuit with Birdman and Cash Money, which was dismissed by all parties involved on May 23.

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Wayne, who initially sued Baby and Cash Money for $51 million in 2014 over unpaid royalties, has reportedly walked away with “well over $10 million” (which, of course, came out of Universal’s pockets, not Birdman’s).

As part of the settlement, Lil Wayne has officially left Cash Money, who signed him at the tender age of nine back in 1991, and is now free to release his long-awaited album Tha Carter V through Universal.

Browsing through the archives, it’s astonishing to look back at everything that’s happened since Wayne first aired his grievances with Birdman. He’s threatened to retire, he’s cut ties with his adopted father (who allegedly tried to have Wayne killed) and somehow saw Tha Carter V end up in the hands of Martin Shkreli, who was recently forced to give up the album (but not before leaking snippets online).

Credit to Wayne, though, he’s kept busy these last few years by releasing a prison memoir, putting out more clothing lines and dropping several music projects, including last year’s Dedication 6. But there’s only one Wayne record we really want to hear, and fingers crossed, we’re finally about to get it.





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A fifth.



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