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Sleepwalker Brian Thomas admits killing wife while fighting intruders in nightmare

A man with a history of sleepwalking strangled his wife because he was convinced that she was an intruder who had broken into their camper van.

Brian Thomas, 59, and his wife Christine, 57, were on holiday in West Wales when he attacked her in the middle of the night.

Prosecutors accepted the findings of medical experts who said that he had a sleep disorder. They told Swansea Crown Court that they would not seek a conviction for murder or manslaughter.

The couple had been asleep in their van in a pub car park when they were disturbed by “boy racers” and decided to move. After they went back to bed Mr Thomas had a nightmare in which the youths broke into their camper van.


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someone was tellin me about this man who killed his daughter because he was hypnotized by a tv hypnotist

an then on the wright stuff today this other hypnotist guy, perpetually hypnotized and raped this girl an then him an his wife fled to spain an she killed the kids for fear of them being taken into care

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Guest haze-e

Dunno if u got excited or suttin but can u rewrite tht smaddz chEers bro

Can't lie. I also need some assistance understanding that.

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dno whats hard but this is a link to the second story i wrote about


A woman accused of murdering her two children in a Spanish hotel has claimed she did it to "protect" them.

Lianne Smith, 44, is being held in jail abroad after allegedly killing her daughter Rebecca, aged five, and son Daniel, 11 months, in the Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar in May.

Yesterday her partner Martin Smith, 45, the father of both children, was convicted by a jury of a string of child sex offences against a young girl.

He used hypnotism, violence and bullying to get the girl to comply with his demands while abusing her for almost a decade.

Smith, 45, was extradited from Spain in May, three years after the couple fled the UK.

Both claimed they fled abroad because social services were "on a mission" to take their two children away following the child sex allegations.

"I couldn't let the children be taken away from me knowing what their life would be like,' Lianne Smith told the Daily Mail.

"Children in care have no chance. If they are not abused, they end up on drugs or in prison. You can't argue with the statistics. Everyone knows they have an awful existence.

"As a mother who loves her children, I couldn't let them suffer like that. I had to protect them."

Lianne Smith said that after her partner was extradited back to the UK, she felt the "net closing in" on her, with social workers plotting to grab her children.

"Time was running out," she said.

After allegedly murdering her two children, Smith said she attempted suicide but could not physically go through with it.

After spending the night next to their bodies, she went to the hotel's reception and asked them to call the police and an ambulance.

Smith also told the newspaper that, while in her cell, she had a vision of a green and a pink "orb" apparently representing her two children and she felt "happy and reassured".

Lianne Smith will face two counts of murder at her trial after a judge ruled out sending her to a psychiatric unit.

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Guest Waka Flocka Dave

exactly what i came to type

was waitin for a new Johnny ting or some Flocka

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