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The Somalian

support man still

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I have started up my label again

if ur into the grime sound please purchase this release

was with slash around a month ago and we were talking about the funny days on rwd forum

safe mods if u need to move the topic move it

yes the sample is a p money accapella b4 ne one ask me again



1. Big In The Game

2. Get Down

3. Murder Sound

4. Warped

5. Riviolence

iTunes • http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/back-in-business-ep/id408743808

Amazon • http://amzn.to/hc2CKB

Thanks for all the continued support.


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Yes man.

5 tunes for 4 pound? damn. The amount I used to get ripped off - £7 for a 1 sided bootleg press of strings hoe :confused:

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